Material base

Material and technical base of the Physical Culture Department


GMK Sports Hall - the total area is 336 square meters.

The gym is designed for games-based sports: Basketball, volleyball, football.

It is equipped with: 2 basketball shields with rings, 2 football gates with a net, 2 volleyball racks with a grid.




Sports ground (near the hostel № 4) – the  total area is ​​370 square meters.

Equipped with: 1 basketball shield, playground Workout.



Sports base (in the building of a new canteen) - the total area is ​​705.7 square meters.

Available halls: Fitness room, Gym, table tennis hall, chess club.

The equipment: 4 arm-wrestling table, 2 bars, 2 weights, 25 wrestling mats, 1 mas wrestling, 7 tennis tables.


Mini football field – the total area is 853 square meters.

Equipped with: 2 goalposts with a net, tribune.