Research work

The chair of the Kazakh language the plan scientifically – research works are discussed both prove to be true at faculty meeting and it is carried out in currents of academic year. 

The chair with a view of training to a state language on credit system it is actively used innovative technologies of training. Also, educational and methodical materials for training of specialists of vocational training of language are prepared, are engaged in translational affairs. 

In 2007 academic year the chair of the Kazakh language according to the republican project «the Structure of information systems for development of a state language and other languages of the people of Kazakhstan» prepared «Multimedia system to experts of the technical section for distant training to a state language». Research supervisor of the project professor of chair K.Zhaksylykova. The chair carried out this project together with the” Information and computer” center of university. The multimedia system is developed according to three sections        The technical section for specialties "Mechanical engineering", "Metallurgy", «Construction and architecture». Staff of chair took part to realization of the project and accomplished with credit, they :G.Т.Tursynova, K.B.Zhaksylykova, U.R.Shulenbayev, R.Sh.Abdisuleymenova, G.A.Auzhanova, U.Zh.Akhmetbayev, G.O.Zauyrbekova, R.B.Kadyrkulova, S.S.Aytzhanova, G.D.Ryskeldiyev, A.S.Itemirova, M.O.Karamendina, K.Ayazbekova, K.Zarlykova, etc.

Were organized student's conferences, reports are listened and discussed.