Research work

Teaching foreign languages in the department of foreign languages is in English, German and French languages for day time of first and second courses, for telecommute department, for under-graduate students and doctors PhD.

Research scientific activity of the department of foreign languages is carried out in the following areas:

  • Writing and publication of scientific articles and monographs;
  • Correct dictionary in 2 and 3 languages;
  • Compilation textbooks and teaching materials;
  • Reviewing text books and teaching materials, reviews of abstracts of thesis work resurge dissertation;
  • Direction research scientific works of students;
  • Organization and gaming Olympiad by foreign languages;
  • Opposing of dissertation works;
  • Work in the scientist committees;
  • Participation in the international, national, intercollegiate conferences;


Lecturers of the department of foreign languages participated in the competitions of international educational programs organized by foreign missions and as per results of these competitions have been qualified for in-depth training abrade and participated in the international scientific practical competitions for in-depth training abroad;

The department of foreign languages was signed long-term agreements about international association with 4 international educational companies. Aims of these agreements are the perfection of professional-pedagogical mastery of PPS and progressing efficacy instruction of students of university with using modern methods of teaching.     The internet-Olympiad in technical English language between students of technical universities have been held. Between the chair of foreign languages and National Research Polytechnic University of Tomsk. Universities of UIS countries were invites to participate. In this Olympiad.

In 2012 of November the department of foreign languages signed the agreement about international association with agent of Houston Down town University, Texas, USA, ILAC, Richmond School District Canada LRC “Kazakhstan Council for Education Travel”. This agreement budgeted a long-term and mutually co-operation for improvement of lingual levels of KazNTU’s students and for elevation of professional levels of lectures of the department of foreign languages.